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Grow Where You're Planted; The Carrots Spa

It's May and it's coming to mid of 2018! Time really flies super fast! So fast that within a blink of an eye, April is gone! Oh well, been really busy busy and busy for the past 2 weeks. Though there was a little sad news along the way, I had a good rest in between before I get myself to create.

Therefore, for the beginning of the month of May, I'm sharing this cute little diorama project as part of my pilot also the last for Tresors de Luxe DT project, as Lucy has decided to disband the blogging team. Quite sad to hear as this don't seems to work out for her in a way. However, I wish her all the best. I'm also using some of the flowers and pastel papers from Little Birdie Crafts which are generously gifted by the owners of the company for me to try.

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I made this wool-felt bunny last April, supposedly for a Easter project. As it can be seen here, it wasn't attempted at the end. Rather, for a good whole year it has been decided on a different form of project. It has been quite some time I'm attempting a diorama project, but for this it's probably one of a very different style I'm trying out for the first time. It's also my very first attempt using hand drawn illustrations on a diorama project, as if the bunny is in a cartooning carrots world. Hmmm, that's practically the idea behind. Well, took me a while to figure out in how to blend in the elements.

This is a long overdue work in progress project and I managed to get it done. Phew! One project off my PhD (Project half-Done) list! And here I present The Carrots Spa, where this cute little bunny guy get himself planted within and grow!

So here is the little guy, submerging himself in this cosy little mud tub of spring greenery filled with carrot sparkling essences. And a big carrot besides him! Look how glittering those carrot essences are in that wooden bucket?

Imagine the whole carrot spa is situated deep under the barrow, a place where the bunny can go under to have some relaxing time, out from the outside world. Isn't this too cute in the little bunny world? I've this little imagination at the back of my mind as I created this. Simply couldn't wait to complete that wild imagination of mine. And I managed to dig it out. 

The spa interior and mud tub are furnished with luxurious vintage laces and the wall is hung with huge loads of carrots illustration; all drawn and painted by me. The floor is well carpeted with green bushes that will give your soles a warm cushy soft feel, good for bunny feet! This really shows how much care was taken into consideration.

Foliage and clusters of various flowers draping from the top to the back of the spa, as if they are the fauna and flora planted within, derived from the earthly ground above. A cute little wooden ladder by the side for anyone who wish to climb up to view the lovely flowers above.

I've done up a very short video orientation on this project which was filmed at the very last minute without much planning as I thought perhaps it might be better to show how the project is like in motion. Well, it seems that the lighting wasn't that great and I apologize that the video is a little fuzzy to view. Nonetheless, I'd still very much wanted to share it, hence decided to go ahead.

Here are more pictures of this guy in his mud tub!

Hmm munch munch the munchy carrot!

 The mud tub is altered from an espresso cup which I got it in a $2 shop.
I love such good deals! 😄

The bunny in his carrots sack!

Bucket of carrot sparkling essence, overflowing with glitter!

Oh well, so much more I'd like to tell the story in details but I think this is good bite size. Otherwise, you peeps will be bothered by my lengthy story. Below is an extensive list of supplies I used for this project with links to various sources in where to get them. Sometimes, there's some great deals and discounts offered by and it's one of the places where most of the past season products are still very much available. 

List of Supplies:
That's it for today, and I'll be back soon for upcoming projects. Too many to show and I can't wait to share. 💖

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