Monday, 28 May 2018

Pryotechniques; A Steampunk Junk Journal

For the past 14 days or so, apart from making adjustment to my schedule, I was also busy with something new and interesting. It's also one kind of project I've been wanting to attempt. After much hesitation, without giving myself further reasons not to do it I decided to go ahead churning out some mojo together with some inspired magical potion - I finally produce a STEAMPUNK JUNK JOURNAL!!!

Ta-DAAA!!! Here it is!!! My first attempted junk journal, Pryotechniques; that's how I addressed this pilot junk journal of mine. Of all the possible attention I might get (as what "pryotehniques" is being termed as), I fired out a face instead using various design elements I could find within the steampunk journal kit from Traci's shop, Ephemoire... 

This is probably one of the most challenging part in creating and took me about 2 days to come up with the entire concept. The process in doing up the book and bookcase wasn't the most difficult part, it's often the preparation and conceptualization part that juice up most of the time and creative brain cells. 

As I was figuring out how to get a junk journal done up, it took me quite a while to get all the pieces together. I may not be someone who is really good at making pockets and envelope inserts, so for the very first time, I decided to opt for simplicity. Yet the process involved was phewww.... It took me around 7-10 days to get this done up after researching and watching several junk journals tutorials and ideas. Nik the Booksmith is one of the many videos I've watched to get most of the inspiration. 

In order not to disappoint, I also had done up a time-lapsed video in how I altered the bookcase cover, providing fresh inspiration in how I compose a face out from the various design elements I found within the journal kit. Catch the video below to learn more...

Though it's not a full 5" x 7" journal book as intended for, I find such a handy size much easier to handle as a junk journal newbie. Everything was made from scratch - the covers and pages are all constructed using various cardstocks, vellum, printer papers, vintage and pattern papers.

A pair of butterfly charms in between the pages...

At the end of the day, I'm pretty satisfied how the book has turned out. This whole creating process has indeed encouraged me more to create more books as such. And yes, I'm thinking of making more and would love to explore more techniques in doing up more interesting junk journals. 

Thank you so much for being with me for this very first junk journal attempt and I do hope it will also inspire some of you to start making some books. Below is a list of supplies I used in making up this junk journal, with links to Traci's Etsy shop as well as other supplies I used to create this book.

List of Supplies:

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