Thursday, 19 April 2018

I'm back with Graphic 45 as their Ambassador!!!

I was eagerly anticipating for the announcement since last night, clicking to refresh Graphic 45 Facebook page as well as their blog to check for updates. Notice that there's a 15hr difference between us, the wait to see whether my name will be on a the list was like the very moment I collected my GCE 'O' Levels results slip from my teacher when I was 17; eagerly to know how well I fair. Couldn't hold onto the calling towards the sleepy Lala land, I turned in subsequently after I'm done with my Canvas Corp project submission. Prior landing onto my bed, I did a final check and I'd have guess it won't be out that soon. 

Early this morning at 5:30am, when I saw Charee's email in welcoming us to the team, I was thrilled!!! This piece of news couldn't get any better - I made it back to Graphic 45 again as their Brand Ambassador!!! And I'm really shouting out here, seriously feeling excited all over again after a 2 years break with them since 2016. It felt like it's the beginning from the end. As I tracked back in how I got myself to audit for Graphic 45 for the very first time to getting into their team, I feel as if my history with them is still very much alive. 

Nevertheless, I'd want to believe this will be another great fun year with them. Also, my heartfelt congratulations to the rest of the Ambassadors (and old friends within!). I'm looking forward to work with everyone for this year. Follow me on my YouTube channel as I'd be very much wanting to share more via this means, in hope to further encourage and inspire. I shall return very soon...


Andor Violeta said...

I read every word, i feel it too this anxiaty... Wish you luck to this adventure, congrats you deserve it!!

Andor Violeta said...

If you wish you can see my work too on Facebook: Andor Violeta Sketchbook