Friday, 31 August 2018

A Skinny Imagine Junk Journal

About 3 months ago, I made my very first attempt in doing up a junk journal. As unsure and scary as it seems to me, I managed to get one done up at the end of the day. It wasn't easy for me as making albums is my Achilles heel. For this month Graphic 45's monthly challenge, I was one of the few ambassadors to do up a junk journal. Thankfully, my very first attempt didn't make this task a daunting one. Bracing ahead, this is what I've done up!!!

Instead of a bulky book, I decided perhaps I should do up a skinny version where it's handy enough for my very own keepsaking. This skinny little junk journal measures 4.75" by 8"; a pretty good size to me. In view that perhaps not a lot of crafters are daring enough to do up a complex one, introducing such a size might be less daunting. 

Super short and sweet; I kept the front cover as simple as possible. Not so much over the top yet it looks like a noteworthy kind of journal. This junk journal consists of 3 magazines within, stitched onto the spine, with as many as 20 over pages to be filled in due time. 

A combination of old vintage stuffs, recyclables, together with pattern papers, stuffs and such were added to give the junk journal the junky identity. I'd suppose that's how it should be, isn't that so? Well, those matching Imagine acrylic stamps just came in time to pair up this beautiful collection. I've literally used all of them for this journal. Here is a video showing a short glimpse on how the inside of the book looks like...

Right now, I can't wait to get those pages filled up. Looks like I'll have to do up a junk journal series on this book since there's an abundant of designs from the Imagine collection that I can use them to fill them up. And that what makes creating so far when you've all the matching stuffs. And YES! I think I'd really do that soon. 

Here is the list of supplies I've used for this project which you might be interested to know where to get them from:
Meanwhile, happy crafting and junk journaling! See you guys very soon!!

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Floral Shoppe Ephemera Cards

We all have some sort of papercrafting dilemma. And I tend to get that a lot especially I want the best of both worlds with minimal damage, as much as possible. This probably speaks a lot about my way of crafting.

Oh well, long time no see everyone! I'm glad that I'm able to find time to blog this entry - a post that's perhaps way behind my post with Graphic 45 last week. That's one thing I love being in Graphic 45, a lot of work was pre-planned in advance in a way that I don't have to rush in and try to get things done at the nick of time. However, do pardon and be patient with me for the next few weeks while I'm trying to get my timing right. I've been really bad in handling my time for the past weeks due to sudden hiccups in life which I'm still struggling at.

So moving on, making use of the time I have without sharing much about my hiccuping life, I shall go straight to the point on what I've done for Graphic 45 for this July. I'm re-sharing one of my old videos which I've done in 2016 - fussy cutting. It's a cutting technique that I've acquired while I was doing my footwear design course where we were taught to cut footwear patterns out from cardboard using utility/craft knife. I find this method rather ergonomically friendly and easier to control, hence decided to attempt this on designed papers where the intricacies are way complex compared to footwear patterns in general. And it kinda works, giving me more defined cuts than scissors can ever provide. In my video above, I explain very briefly how to hold and use the utility/craft knife to fussy cut as well as some useful tips in getting the right blades. More papercrafting tips over at Graphic 45 blog which you can hop over to read further.

To show how this technique can come into good use, I created two very simple ephemera cards using Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe collection. Such a beauty of this collection! And who doesn't loves flowers? I do of course! Sometimes you just need to break the various design elements and reassemble them to create your very own design. And that's what I did!

Summing all up that's what I got to share today (though it's a week late), and I do hope the video would be able to address some of the questions you probably have in mind. If you've any questions, do always feel free to drop a comment or even send me a message. I'll gladly respond and assist whenever I can. So, below here is a list of supplies in where to get these lovely collection and I shall see you guys very soon again! Happy papercrafting!!!

List of Supplies:

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My First Post as Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador - Fairie Dust Magical Door

After all the traveling within SE Asia, finally I'm back with my very first blog post as Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador. As much as I'd like to stay consistent to update my blog and YouTube Channel on a regular basis, unfortunately I'm still very much stuck with other commitments. Till I iron things out, very soon I hope I'll have more time to stay focus on things I want to do.

Without further ado, let's go straight to what I've created for Graphic 45 as this June #G45Selfie challenge. I'm reviving my past tutorial that reflects my style of creating in the kind of craft I'm into. Sharing here is re-creation of a magical fairy door using Fairie Dust collection via a video tutorial I created previously as Graphic 45 DT member. 

Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of purple. Simply not a colour I'll fancy the most even it's consider a royal colour that used to cost 3X more than gold centuries ago. Despite the fact that purple is not my colour of choice, I hardly restrict myself from using purple for creating. To give the door a magical feel, I used a gold as a complementary colour to match with the pastel purple. Practically speaking, I'm probably using the "most expensive commodities" for this magical door. 

And here is the video tutorial in how to create this magical door. This tutorial merely show the technical aspect in creating this door and I leave the embellishing of the door open so that you can create the kind of magic you want without restriction.

I've provided some practical tips in how to embellish your door over at Graphic 45 blog, do remember to pop over to get these handy tips. For your interest, below are the list of supplies I used for this project together with links to where to get them:

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

New Brews Over at my Etsy Store

For those who are unaware, I do have an Etsy shop since 2009. Since it has been quite some time I'm "tidying up" stuffs in my Etsy store, I felt it's time to do some "polishing" in my store as well as listing some new items. Not much, just 2 items which are the latest creations I've made for this year. 

One is the Pryotechniques steampunk mini junk journal, and the other is the Buxom Fairies Sconces decor. Above is an orientation video on the junk journal I'm selling at my Etsy store

In order to continue the kind of work I'd want to do, I do hope to earn some money in order to fund my passion. I not asking for much but your little support will serve as an encouraging platform for me to continue this. I'm also hoping I'd be able to offer some kits or more tutorials for sale online. If there's feasible technology and when time permits, I'd very much to go into online teaching to supplement the videos I'm creating on my YouTube channel.

On top of these 2 new listed items, I'm offering clearance sales on some of my past projects as well which most of them are listed up to 50% off. Do hop over to my shop to view more. I shall see you guys very soon again as I come back for my first project with Graphic 45 as their brand ambassador.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Pryotechniques; A Steampunk Junk Journal

For the past 14 days or so, apart from making adjustment to my schedule, I was also busy with something new and interesting. It's also one kind of project I've been wanting to attempt. After much hesitation, without giving myself further reasons not to do it I decided to go ahead churning out some mojo together with some inspired magical potion - I finally produce a STEAMPUNK JUNK JOURNAL!!!

Ta-DAAA!!! Here it is!!! My first attempted junk journal, Pryotechniques; that's how I addressed this pilot junk journal of mine. Of all the possible attention I might get (as what "pryotehniques" is being termed as), I fired out a face instead using various design elements I could find within the steampunk journal kit from Traci's shop, Ephemoire... 

This is probably one of the most challenging part in creating and took me about 2 days to come up with the entire concept. The process in doing up the book and bookcase wasn't the most difficult part, it's often the preparation and conceptualization part that juice up most of the time and creative brain cells. 

As I was figuring out how to get a junk journal done up, it took me quite a while to get all the pieces together. I may not be someone who is really good at making pockets and envelope inserts, so for the very first time, I decided to opt for simplicity. Yet the process involved was phewww.... It took me around 7-10 days to get this done up after researching and watching several junk journals tutorials and ideas. Nik the Booksmith is one of the many videos I've watched to get most of the inspiration. 

In order not to disappoint, I also had done up a time-lapsed video in how I altered the bookcase cover, providing fresh inspiration in how I compose a face out from the various design elements I found within the journal kit. Catch the video below to learn more...

Though it's not a full 5" x 7" journal book as intended for, I find such a handy size much easier to handle as a junk journal newbie. Everything was made from scratch - the covers and pages are all constructed using various cardstocks, vellum, printer papers, vintage and pattern papers.

A pair of butterfly charms in between the pages...

At the end of the day, I'm pretty satisfied how the book has turned out. This whole creating process has indeed encouraged me more to create more books as such. And yes, I'm thinking of making more and would love to explore more techniques in doing up more interesting junk journals. 

Thank you so much for being with me for this very first junk journal attempt and I do hope it will also inspire some of you to start making some books. Below is a list of supplies I used in making up this junk journal, with links to Traci's Etsy shop as well as other supplies I used to create this book.

List of Supplies:

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A French Carnival Sweet Paper Jar

Good day everyone! 

I'm so glad despite of my recent erratic hours, I manage to squeeze some time in between to showcase an interesting way in how to embellish a paper jar using the various dies from Spellbinders for Canvas Corp Brands' Product Match Up series. This will be especially useful if you're their Club Kit members.

I've this French Carnival idea at the back of my mind with an attempt to do up a Parisian concept-base project. I deliberately chose red and ivory as my main colours and would love to do up something sweet for a friend and sister-in-Christ. Without much consideration, I decided to do up another paper jar, based on a tutorial on Snapguide I did for my Graphic 45 Ambassador Audition entry last month. To give the jar a some dainty look, I added some Tresor de Luxe laces around the jar before embellishing. Move over to Canvas Corp blog here to view how I get all this done up! 

So here is the final product (with more pictures below) which I've already gifted to my friend on Sunday for her birthday. I filled up the jar with some sweets and small gifts within the gift box prior in gifting, which are not captured in the pictures here. However, this can serve as a good gift idea that's one of a kind; handmade and nowhere else available for purchase. After all sweets are consumed, the jar itself can be continued used as it labelled as or to store other things.

The top of the lid...

The gift box...

Using an eye bolt screw, I hang a small tag with handwritten birthday wishes beneath the lid that further make this gift a more personalized one. Well, that's how I used the various Spellbinders Club Kit dies to compliment and match up the various papers from Canvas Corp. If you're not or yet to become Spellbinders Club Kit member, you can simply sign up as a new member and get 15% off your fist kit by using this coupon code: CLUB15. As good as it'll last, therefore do sign up before it's gone for good!! 

Below is a full list of supplies I used for this project together with various links in where to get them:

    Wednesday, 9 May 2018

    Always Love, Love Always - A Poppy Heartfelt Card

    Alright, after months of delay with held ups, etc., finally my pilot Canvas Corp post went live. I'm sharing here today a poppy heartfelt card that I made for this month watercolour challenge. I also did up an easy-peasy tutorial in how to use various Tattered Angels products to watercolour stamped images. Click here to find out how.

    I'm using the Poppy Heart stamp from IndigoBlu as the main focus of the card. Because poppies are red in colour, I contrast the background with a variety of blues, using the various texture papers from 7gypsies Architextures paper series as well a few drizzle touches of Frozen Berry Twinkle Me'lange, one of the complimentary goodies gifted by the owners of Little Birdie Crafts. Can you see how it sparkle that "special effects" on the card?

    Well, aside creating this card for the watercolor challenge, I decided to gift this card to one beautiful couple from Texas I met 2 weeks ago while they were here for missionary work - John and Carla Moore! It was via John Moore's Searching for the Truth programme I managed to find my way to the LORD's church. The one True Church where I get to meet many Christians around world where we are all bound by one faith and one truth. Christ's Church is without border and that's the beauty of the LORD's church. It's indeed one such blessing to be part of this amazing big family of God. LORD's willing, I got to meet him this year together with his lovely wife, Carla. They are back to their home in the US, and till next time we will surely meet again...

    Me with The Moores 😄

    All the biblical virtues of Love which I dedicate to the Moores...

    I hope this will be a refreshing idea in how to use various Tattered Angels mists and paints for watercolouring. Again, here is the shout out! The watercolour challenge is open to everyone till 4th June. The winner of the challenge will be invited to be Canvas Corp Brands Guest Designer. Meaning to say, you will get a box filled with goodies from all 3 Canvas Corp Brands to play with should you crown as the winner. Without much hesitation, do hop over here to enter the challenge.

    Below is the full list of supplies I used for this project with various links in where to get them:
    That about it for today and I shall see you very soon again for my next tutorial. Therefore, do stay tune!

    Thursday, 3 May 2018

    Grow Where You're Planted; The Carrots Spa

    It's May and it's coming to mid of 2018! Time really flies super fast! So fast that within a blink of an eye, April is gone! Oh well, been really busy busy and busy for the past 2 weeks. Though there was a little sad news along the way, I had a good rest in between before I get myself to create.

    Therefore, for the beginning of the month of May, I'm sharing this cute little diorama project as part of my pilot also the last for Tresors de Luxe DT project, as Lucy has decided to disband the blogging team. Quite sad to hear as this don't seems to work out for her in a way. However, I wish her all the best. I'm also using some of the flowers and pastel papers from Little Birdie Crafts which are generously gifted by the owners of the company for me to try.

    A post shared by Katie Z. (@katiezoeyho) on

    I made this wool-felt bunny last April, supposedly for a Easter project. As it can be seen here, it wasn't attempted at the end. Rather, for a good whole year it has been decided on a different form of project. It has been quite some time I'm attempting a diorama project, but for this it's probably one of a very different style I'm trying out for the first time. It's also my very first attempt using hand drawn illustrations on a diorama project, as if the bunny is in a cartooning carrots world. Hmmm, that's practically the idea behind. Well, took me a while to figure out in how to blend in the elements.

    This is a long overdue work in progress project and I managed to get it done. Phew! One project off my PhD (Project half-Done) list! And here I present The Carrots Spa, where this cute little bunny guy get himself planted within and grow!

    So here is the little guy, submerging himself in this cosy little mud tub of spring greenery filled with carrot sparkling essences. And a big carrot besides him! Look how glittering those carrot essences are in that wooden bucket?

    Imagine the whole carrot spa is situated deep under the barrow, a place where the bunny can go under to have some relaxing time, out from the outside world. Isn't this too cute in the little bunny world? I've this little imagination at the back of my mind as I created this. Simply couldn't wait to complete that wild imagination of mine. And I managed to dig it out. 

    The spa interior and mud tub are furnished with luxurious vintage laces and the wall is hung with huge loads of carrots illustration; all drawn and painted by me. The floor is well carpeted with green bushes that will give your soles a warm cushy soft feel, good for bunny feet! This really shows how much care was taken into consideration.

    Foliage and clusters of various flowers draping from the top to the back of the spa, as if they are the fauna and flora planted within, derived from the earthly ground above. A cute little wooden ladder by the side for anyone who wish to climb up to view the lovely flowers above.

    I've done up a very short video orientation on this project which was filmed at the very last minute without much planning as I thought perhaps it might be better to show how the project is like in motion. Well, it seems that the lighting wasn't that great and I apologize that the video is a little fuzzy to view. Nonetheless, I'd still very much wanted to share it, hence decided to go ahead.

    Here are more pictures of this guy in his mud tub!

    Hmm munch munch the munchy carrot!

     The mud tub is altered from an espresso cup which I got it in a $2 shop.
    I love such good deals! 😄

    The bunny in his carrots sack!

    Bucket of carrot sparkling essence, overflowing with glitter!

    Oh well, so much more I'd like to tell the story in details but I think this is good bite size. Otherwise, you peeps will be bothered by my lengthy story. Below is an extensive list of supplies I used for this project with links to various sources in where to get them. Sometimes, there's some great deals and discounts offered by and it's one of the places where most of the past season products are still very much available. 

    List of Supplies:
    That's it for today, and I'll be back soon for upcoming projects. Too many to show and I can't wait to share. 💖