Monday, 31 December 2018

A Quartet of Masculine Grandeur Cards

Bonjour! Everyone! It's the very last day of 2018 and tomorrow will be a brand new year. 2019 is just round the corner! And today will be my very last post for this year over at my blog. It's a card project I made in November. I'm sorry that it had took me this long to present here on the very last day of 2018. Due to my busy schedule, finding time in between has proven quite a challenge for me. Nonetheless, I still manage to make it before 2019!

These masculine cards are especially made for 4 brethren who came all the way from the United States to Singapore, who travel afar in order to preach God's Word. It's a show of earnest appreciation and gratitude in the kind of work they do for the benefit of mankind. For this year, I choose a theme of masculine grandeur using various collection from Graphic 45 to create this quartet. 

Red and Black are the chosen colours as my base, with gold as the main focus. Placing Victorian clock as the main central element of the cards is exactly what was planned for. Though the design seems relatively simple at it's first look, the search in finding the perfect match with synchronization was indeed a challenging task. It took me close to a week to get all the necessary papers with the right colours and patterns together. Matching them up was another challenge to me, simply because I want them to look like a quartet, yet unique and different from one another. Though each of them is gifted to 4 individuals, but all share the same kind of look. When they're gathered together, they're consider  as ONE body; like a quartet of individuals that have different personalities.

A quartet of 2 blacks and 2 reds, which can be paired up as duos. However, all of them possess the same clock face. The clock die from Graphic 45 was honestly the best chosen choice for this project; timeless and classy. What I really love about this die is the intricate delicate design that make the clock a very Victorian one when diecut onto metallic gold cardstock. What's really interesting is that the clock hands are designed as such that they can be made movable, giving some dimensions to your project. 

Heartfelt personalized messages

Close up details on the card

I'd suppose such intricate cards need some sort of instructional manual in place to retain their glory. Therefore, I decided to come up with my very own version of card care manual (with some biblical essence injected within) to go with this quartet; enclosed within the policy envelopes. The introduction might seems like I'm the one narrating about my creation when read initially. However, when one takes a little more effort to read further within, the expression does reflects biblically on the main essence of God and His creations, and how mankind are a reflection of His creation (Genesis 1:27). Something worth pondering about our existence... 

Some tiny messages around the policy envelopes

The quartet with their respective policy envelopes

Last but not the least, not forgetting the packaging! These cards are carefully packed into polyacetate bags and sealed. As usual, I'm not ashamed to tell people to share and flaunt my work with some disclaimer's clauses and a butterfly on top as a messenger of the message. 😄 

That's about it for this year 2018! Till next year we shall meet again! I hereby wish everyone the most merriest 2019 New Year ahead. Not much New Year Resolution for me as it doesn't really works on me. I prefer to refresh my day and have resolutions on a frequently basis rather than keep it till the end of the year. This makes much more sense to me as life is full of uncertainties. There's so little you can control. Below is the list of supplies I used for this project with links to where to get them if you're interested:

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Magical Kewpie Post Tags

Perhaps my first rather familiar encounter with Kewpie was probably from a bottle of mayonnaise that's widely known as Kewpie Mayonnaise by Kewpie Corporation, a Japanese food manufacturer who popularize the condiment. I might have some personal "close up contacts" with Kewpie dolls while I was young however they didn't get into me till I had some Kewpie Mayonnaise! In fact, Kewpies are comic strip cartoon characters created and developed by Rose O'Neill, an American cartoonist and illustrator in 1909. As little as I know about Kewpies, I believe everyone of us has somehow have some sort of childhood encounter with them.

Well, I really have to say they are really cute! When I received my Graphic 45 Christmas Magic collection, I was delighted to see so many cuties within the collection and those Kewpies just caught my attention. They are way too adorable that I had to come up with something. Kewpie Post is what came into my mind back then. Combining with my love for flying matchboxes, I came up with an idea that they can "fly off" from the tags... 

Therefore... Using those cute little Kewpies as Post Dolls, here is what I've come up with...

My initial intention is to make the tags as a whole piece, without any separating elements or parts to them, but this seems like it would have probably "defeated the purpose" of adding wings onto the matchboxes. To make them removable and "flyable", I used magnets to "adhere" them together. Notice how these flying matchboxes "flying away" from their "bases"? That's practically the idea behind.

I used a variety of floral embellishment from mulberry ones to die-cuts holly leaves to create levels of dimensions. Used loads of metallic gold and iridescence here; from fanciful dollies to glittery flowers and ribbons. It's all these shimmerings elements that make the project stands out and not making these Kewpie dolls doing their job in vain.  

"Tis the Season" wreath is a stamped image from Graphic 45 previous Christmas collection, St. Nicholas, which I coloured with colour pencils to create a wreath base for the flying mtachbox to land onto. Subtly choosing colour pencils as my colouring medium to create this distinction, making the process in creating this tag a more "dimensional" one. After much thinking and searching for the right embellishments, I decided to make my very own tassles and insert them as "tails" to match the whole design using the metallic gold crochet yarn I found in a box of yarns and strings. 

Not forgetting these cute little Santa helpers, who play a vital part in making these magical Kewpie Post tags a more interesting one. They are also "removable" with magnets adhered at their backs where they can "jump" onto the wreath base on the tags or back to their respective matchboxes. Added a little jingle bell within each drawer adds some jingles as I pull the drawers. Since it's for this holiday season, I'd think this will add in some fun to the entire project.

Here is a very short and sweet video I made very last minute to show how the entire mechanism work with those magnets incorporated into this project:

Last but not the least, I kept the back of the tags as simple as possible so as not to complicate the design so much. I've provided some tips over at Graphic 45 blog which I didn't share it here. Though I'm a little late in sharing the story behind about this project, be sure to check the tips out at Graphic 45 blog to find out more. As usual, below is the list of supplies I used for this project with links to where to get them:

Monday, 10 December 2018

Rustic Nature Wedding Guest Book

On 3rd March this year, I've witnessed the wedding of a lovely couple I know - Ernest and Stephanie. As part of my wedding gift to them, I did a guest book for them. It was also part of Canvas Corp July Wedding Challenge this July. A long overdue project update here. This entry was on draft mode for very long till the birth of their son Theopilus reminded me on this book. Without much talking, here is what I've made for them.

The guest book itself is a vintage ledger book from 7gypsies Architextures which I purchased it for this purpose. I merely did up a mixed media layout for them on the front cover. I used quite a number of die-cuts for this layout, mainly from Tim Holtz steel dies. I tried to match up to the "look" of the photos they provided me and decided upon a rustic, dainty nature look. As always, I love to centralize my design focus as this is one of my most preferred layout.

Loads of floral and swirls, together with touches of twine, burlap, handwritten script and woodgrain effects which I transformed bits of chipboards into. Since the front is already quite dimensional, I kept the back of the book as simple as possible.

Wedding is just only a ceremonial indication of a marriage between a man and a woman, what's really important is the marriage itself. Therefore, I didn't just stop at the front cover, and think it'd be better to have one more layout of this lovely couple right at the very first page of the book which marks as the very new beginning for them after their wedding.

I hope the guest book has been filled up! 

Below is a list of supplies I used for this project with some links included. Unfortunately, not all are available and most 7gypsies and Tattered Angels products can be purchase at Canvas Corp website itself:
  • 7gypsies Architextures 
    • Vintage 12" x 12" Ledger 
    • Mix and Match Bee 8.5″x 11″ Book
    • Mixed Media Pack
  • Tattered Angels 
    • High Impact Paints (Antique Gold & Platinum)
    • Naturally Aged Kit – Rusty Metal (Faux Finish Paint Kit)
    • Color Wash Paint Faux Finish (Verdigris)
    • Glimmer Mist (Key Lime Pie)
  • Sizzix Tim Holtz Dies
  • Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black (Blitsy,
  • Own stash (burlap, jute twine, mini alpha chipboards, scripted handwriting & bark grain stamps) 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

What's Really Brewing; a Merci Beaucoup Entry...

It's probably one of those period of time I went "missing" online; not updating my blog and other social media for an extended period of time. I was on a break for 3 months prior to my first entry for this month. Prior to that, somewhere last year, I was on a long 9 months break before I made my blog entry on November last year. Yet I left some traces of my digital footprints over at my personal Facebook and Instagram. For those who are curious on what I've been up to, perhaps this entry will probably fulfill your curiosity.

As such is life, things do happen. In as much when most of us tried to keep ourselves abreast to what's going on around us, certain things tend to happen that are not always within our control. For me, I'm no exception and sometimes I wish I can stay committed on one thing at a time. But we all know that's not always possible. Most of the times, we've to wear a lot of different hats - switching from one role to another - or even several hats at the same time. It can be hard to stay focus.

Like what I've stated above, things happened and it was a major one that impacted my life so greatly that God is all I have. In early 2017, I started to develop an immense interest towards the Bible and would want to "renew" my faith with God and decided to go through a series of self study of the Bible. That's the period of time I went "missing" between February to October last year. Never would I know, I was embarking onto a spiritual journey to seek a Truth that changed my life forever. I was a "Christian" for close to 13 years worshiping in a denominational church that my faith wasn't really there. Though there were Sundays I attended worships and services, I was there merely there for the sake of "refreshing" my faith.

Because I was brought to Christ via The Sinners' Prayer together with the doctrine of "once saved always saved", it was only natural for me to think that it's only rightful I'll be in Heaven after my death regardless of what I do in my current life which include sins of any sorts (from as small as telling a little white lie, saying things and don't mean it, passing awful remarks about someone behind their back, gossiping, calling God's name in vain to slandering, stealing, cheating, murdering etc. just to name a few - Romans 1:28-32). Whenever I didn't feel like attending any sort of services or even renege my words, I highly doubt God will fault me on that. Since my ticket to Heaven is already secured no matter what I do or say, does that really matter? Well, not till after a series of Bible studies and I found out that it's not true... God knows everything and He will judge (Hebrews 4:13)!

The more I study the Bible, it was even more scary and perplexing for me to find out I wasn't even saved to begin with. Because of my will and desire to honestly seek for Him (Jeremiah 29:13-14), I went through weeks of searching to get myself into the ONE true Church of Christ where Jesus built upon (1 Peter 2:9-10). I'm not going to go through all the details here for it's going to be way too long for a blog entry. I do know some brethren within the Church the Christ are curious about my story which I've a copy of my journey over Here should anyone of you is interested to read. Long story short, after coming to the knowledge of the Truth, I finally got myself baptized for the remission of my sins (Romans 6:4) on 16th June 2017 at Lim Ah Pin Church of Christ (LAPCOC), one of the faithful congregations under the body of Christ; I was officially born a Christian.

After my baptism, as a new babe of Christ (even I've done quite a substantial amount of Bible studies), I stumbled and fell several times in my life while trying to walk in the light. And this explains my second "missing" during the last 3 months here. Traces of me "disappearing" started from June onward, to be more accurate. I apologized that I've not been really updating and most of my DT assignments got stalled because of that. I was trying out certain things and got myself too overwhelmed by the things of the world. It was till recently, after a series of lectureships and Gospel meetings I attended brought me into perspective. I should say I'm at the period of readjusting and will be busy with the right things (I hope and praying hard for this). As some of you probably have known, I'd like to make my crafting interest into a full time career. It has always been at the back of my mind and every time I think about it I really want to execute them immediately. Alas! It didn't always happen. I'm always distracted and get caught up by things around me. I'm actually praying for this and hope one day it will really happen.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the faithful brethren (just way too many to list them out here!) behind WVBS, Apologetic Press and LAPCOC who has worked relentlessly to preach the one and only pure Word of God to the lost that I'm able to seek the Truth as a lost soul.

Certainly, for my avid followers of my works I'd like to thank you for your patience in waiting for my new works and to read my lengthy post as such (if you've reached this point)! If you ever wonder where I got the graphics from the image above, it's from one of my works that I used as a background artwork. It's one of the butterfly cards I made for John Moore and his wife, Carla. I watched his videos online to find my way to the LORD's Church. I also use them as part of my entry for Graphic 45 Ambassador Audition which you can click onto the link to read more.

Over here, I'd like to extend a 10% OFF OFFER to all my readers as their affiliate. No extra cost to you (I promised!) and this will certainly help me to earn some pennies when you purchase something via my link; a step closer to convert my interest into a full-time one. To redeem your offer for your next purchase, enter code: SBSAVE10 during checkout. Alright, before you head over to Spellbinders to redeem your offer, here are some fine prints that you may want to take note:

Save 10% OFF your next purchase. Must use provided coupon code at time of purchase. If code is not used at time of purchase then order will be ineligible for discounted rate. Offer good only on products purchased at Offer is one time use; individual consumer use only; not for distribution; Clearance is excluded, excludes tax & shipping; not valid on any previous web, phone or retail purchases; cannot be redeemed for cash; cannot be combined with any other offer; void where prohibited. Offer expires 12/31/2018.

Enjoy shopping and crafting!!! LORD's willing, till next time...

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

A Bride-to-Be Card for the Gorgeous Bride

"Happiness blossoms where seeds of kindness have been thoughtfully planted."

I'm not sure who actually came out with that quote, nonetheless it's a thoughtfully penned phrase and I'd think it doesn't really cost that much to be kind. It's all about the thoughts that count. One of my lovely sisters-in-Christ, Sarah is getting married real soon, and in celebration of her upcoming Wedding, a group of us decided to throw her a bridal shower. I was therefore tasked to do up a card for her.

And here is what I've made for her, which was already presented to her 2 weeks ago during her bridal shower. Garden Goddess was my immediate choice of paper collection simply because ladies in general love flowers and have somehow wished we could be one of the most gorgeous ladies in a beautiful garden. I'd love to have such moment as such.  

"The flower doesn't dream of the bees. It blossoms and the bee comes."
~ Mark Nepo ~

That's the core message for Sarah. And this is how much I love to use this collection for weddings! Full of blossoms, flowers and quotes as such. For beauty blossoms from the inside, that's where happiness come within! When the flower blossoms beautifully, the bee just come. This reminds me of Proverbs 31:10-31, The Virtuous Wife which describes a woman of exceptional character and worth. This really serves as a very good guide for women in how to become like one. Likewise, a good search list for a man to seek after such woman.

To adorn and frame up those lovely messages, I pulled out one of my Spellbinders die kits and use them for the very first time. A little shout out here for Spellbinders lovers - get a 15% first for your first club kit subscription. Key in CLUB15 under promo during checkout. Don't miss it! It's only good till this month end.

Gold foil cardstock is my favourite friend now! Trust me, they are the MUST HAVE cardstock in your stash simply because they serve as very good matching base and elements for all your elegant cards. A touch of it will just sparkle the whole thing up.

A card itself is never enough to be gifted alone, and this is where the matching pattern and solids come in place to play a vital role - an envelope. I just felt "naked" for the card and perhaps some "coverings" will be good. When it was all done, I found them to be very good...

Before Graphic 45 discontinued matching alpha stickers, I've loads of them all given by them as part of my DT package previously before I make a come-back to re-join them for this year. It got so much that I just stored them in a huge box thinking it's probably one of the items that I hardly will use. Well, it came in handy at such a point that I believe it'd be good to personalize the card for Sarah. The alpha stickers came from the Time to Celebrate paper collection; the closest match I could find and it matches the whole theme seamlessly.

I've included some useful tips over at Graphic 45 blog. Do remember to hop over there to find out more. And yes! Sarah is glad to receive this! To end of this entry for today:

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are charming gardeners who make our souls blossom...
~ Marcel Proust ~

Isn't that lovely? I just love how these quotes matches the paper collection. Below are a list of supplies I've used to do up this card which you may be interested to know where to get them:
That's all for today! And I know I've not been really updating as often, but I do honestly appreciate for all of you who are avid and faithful followers of my works, patient enough to wait for my works. I'll be updating really soon!

Friday, 31 August 2018

A Skinny Imagine Junk Journal

About 3 months ago, I made my very first attempt in doing up a junk journal. As unsure and scary as it seems to me, I managed to get one done up at the end of the day. It wasn't easy for me as making albums is my Achilles heel. For this month Graphic 45's monthly challenge, I was one of the few ambassadors to do up a junk journal. Thankfully, my very first attempt didn't make this task a daunting one. Bracing ahead, this is what I've done up!!!

Instead of a bulky book, I decided perhaps I should do up a skinny version where it's handy enough for my very own keepsaking. This skinny little junk journal measures 4.75" by 8"; a pretty good size to me. In view that perhaps not a lot of crafters are daring enough to do up a complex one, introducing such a size might be less daunting. 

Super short and sweet; I kept the front cover as simple as possible. Not so much over the top yet it looks like a noteworthy kind of journal. This junk journal consists of 3 magazines within, stitched onto the spine, with as many as 20 over pages to be filled in due time. 

A combination of old vintage stuffs, recyclables, together with pattern papers, stuffs and such were added to give the junk journal the junky identity. I'd suppose that's how it should be, isn't that so? Well, those matching Imagine acrylic stamps just came in time to pair up this beautiful collection. I've literally used all of them for this journal. Here is a video showing a short glimpse on how the inside of the book looks like...

Right now, I can't wait to get those pages filled up. Looks like I'll have to do up a junk journal series on this book since there's an abundant of designs from the Imagine collection that I can use them to fill them up. And that what makes creating so far when you've all the matching stuffs. And YES! I think I'd really do that soon. 

Here is the list of supplies I've used for this project which you might be interested to know where to get them from:
Meanwhile, happy crafting and junk journaling! See you guys very soon!!