Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sending Love via Flying Suitcases

The idea of "sending you some love" came to my mind one day that evoked me to think of adding wings to suitcases. Again, I was getting obsess with suitcases but this time round with a little whimsical fantasy thought.

As a sequel on my mini matchbox suitcases tutorial; I'm showing a start to finish video in how to add wings onto these cute little matchbox suitcases for this Valentine's, notably using the matchbox from Tim Holtz's matchbox L die. With a pair of wings, it makes sending some love a much easier process.

To send some love, I added some miniature love sentiments within; such as a miniature bouquet of red roses, a vintage necklace, a bottle of love seeds (aka saga seeds as symbol of love) and a mini wooden heart peg. Those little word sentiments in front of the suitcases actually came from the 6" x 6" patterns and solids which there're a lot of phrasings you can use as your love message. Feel free to add any of your favourite love sentiments within and let these flying suitcases send your love to your loved one. One idea for those who are proposing - you might want to pop a ring within.

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Aleksandra said...

What a gorgeous idea! I love those little suitcases!

Have a great day!