Monday, 8 February 2016

It's February!!

Oh yeah! I know it's February!! The month of LOVE is here. Pardon me as I was really busy again due to the Chinese New Year season that's happening this week. There's a lot of spring cleaning to do. As much as I'd want to spare some time to craft, unfortunately time is really limited. 

Moreover, my Instagram account was being hacked a few nights ago and this seriously didn't make my evening any better. I was away for my shower, just 15 minutes away and I was back with tons of Instagram notifications on my iPhone which was really abnormal. I was wondering who are these people? Suddenly people are obsessed over my Instagram. As I logged into the app my feed was greeted with tons of nude and obscene pics with a link beneath each pic for an invitation to have sex with me. These images kept posting at every few minutes and my fingers weren't fast enough to delete everything. This was seriously insane!!! For over an hour or two, I became an overnight Instagram porn star and was being pimped. This explained why I had a sudden surge in likes and followers.

Thankfully, someone FB messaged me about this. Anna Dąbrowska, Finnabair also dropped me a kind message. Oh I was so thankful!! Luckily I was able to reset my password at the end of the day as I wasn't able to change my password initially. I was also being reported by some users which I can totally understand 'cos those pics were really inappropriate. The entire ordeal that was happening on my Instagram was so awful that some of my followers have to unfollow me. Finally at the end of the day I managed to rectify the issue and deleted all the pics away. Now everything is back to normal.

There's really no way to stop this kind of stuffs from happening and it seems that these people are out to to hijacked other users' account to sell sex which eventually will lead to your account being deleted permanently by Instagram. Though I was quick enough to address the issue immediately and manage to keep my account, I wasn't able to report this matter to Instagram. I'm not sure what will really happen to my account in the future but I do hope I won't get implicated by the laws or whatsoever. I'd suggest for all Instagram users to change/reset your password to a much stronger one to prevent this kind of incident from happening.

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