Monday, 30 November 2015

A Soulful Heart

Lately, there was quite a number of unpleasant things happening around the world. There was the Paris attack on Friday the 13th, with a few terrorist and tension events that happened previously. These events are likely to be ongoing events. Years of tensions, conflicts built up and things don't happen overnight or instantly, and they happened for a reason and mainly due to human pride. When one becomes soulless, one don't feel and empathize. It seems like all humanity is gone at point of violence and evil acts.

I tend to question, when one returns to his rightful mind, will he be able to feel? To some point, I believe everyone does. Your heart will at least ache a beat when you are at your most soulful state. We are spiritual beings; souls covered with flesh and blood. There's a reason why we feel pain when we bleed. It's a real truth that humans are soulful beings.

As I feel so intensely about current world events, I tend to ponder how sad and discouraging the world has become. We have become more judgmental, opinionated, discouraging and uninspiring. Each individual gradually becomes an opinion of others. I wish the world can be a little more soulful.

Taking all my feelings and put them together I created this little soulful assemblage artwork using shades of gray as the base. The option of using dull grayish base represent the world; for the world is always that gray. It seems like everything sounds right yet look so wrong on many levels. Humans are unable to judge what's absolutely right or wrong correctly. True black and white don't seems to exist. While the addition of subtle warm colours within the grayish base represent the various soulful hearts of all mankind. I believe humans can be soulful, it's a matter of choice.

Setting this heart as the main focus among a pool of grays, I used a variety shades of red, white and tarnished brass to paint the resin heart making it as if it is a real flaming red heart. This is the main soul of this project.

This piece of art is available for sale in my shop here...