Thursday, 19 November 2015

An Eerie (Fairy) Tale Shop

Yes I know Halloween is over! But it doesn't mean dark stuffs only can be made during Halloween! You’ve probably known a lot about Fairy Tales via Walt Disney since young. All those princes and princess stories, princes falling in love with a beautiful commoner, etc. etc. etc. and the endings are always happily ever after. So sweet! Makes you wanna fall in love. Who doesn't want to marry a handsome prince or beautiful princess? Thou shalt not deny. Somehow everyone has such thoughts at least once. Harmless to fantasize, and it does feels good to have a little taste of sweetness. When you picture your ideal prince/princess with a face of your favourite actor/actress, it will just bring the sweetness to another level and before you know it, you are already submerged in a pool of dopamine.

Alright, POP! Bubble burst! Back to reality. Though Walt Disney has shown us the very sweet and beautiful side of fairy tales, they seems to be somehow originally intended for adults. I always have an interest to understand how tales and folklore came about and how they eventually get passed down to become the versions we all hear today. So there’s actually some dark side to it, and some parts are pretty gruesome which Walt Disney had sanctioned them to cater for children. I shalt not talk about them, but here is article which speaks the truth. ~For your reading pleasure~

So, here is a masterpiece of various Fairy Tales elements that consist of some dark sides which you probably didn’t really know. And certainly, Graphic 45 An Eerie Tale paper collection fits in this project perfectly. Beware as you enter, there's always Once Upon a Time. Before we enter, we shall have a peep through from the outside...

A peep through via the window. Notice a fairy tale book, some pumpkins, Cinderella's bucket and broom, some hair locks, and a bottle of Rapunzel's tears. Besides stood a tree..

Route round the tree, there's more pumpkins with some of the juices flowing!! Does the pumpkin carriage made from these pumpkins? And a Raven sitting on the tree...

Enter and looking up from the tower, there lay Rapunzal's locks running all the way down to the ground  where Snow White's coffin and the Evil Queen's apple can be found. Of course, the spindle that pierced Princess Aurora's finger. 

Supposedly golden eggs? Has someone turned them into robin eggs?

Magical top view and as the sign plate stated within, it's An Eerie Tale Shop!!!

There's so much to look at and pictures just don't do much justice. Thanks so much for reading and I hope this entry is entertaining enough. Final note... Please don't curse me for ruining your childhood, and don't go around scaring kids away.

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