Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Fairy Loo Shed

Today is Thanksgiving!!! Wishing all my American and Canadian friends the merriest Turkey Day!!! Oh well, I wish I could celebrate thanksgiving here in Singapore so that I could eat turkey 'cos I've never eaten one before. It's not a common poultry here, neither is thanksgiving an official holiday. Besides turkey, there're far more things we can be thankful for... 

And... For me, for the very least I'm thankful for having a toilet... 

Yes it's the loo I'm thankful for!!! I'm glad to be able to have at least a toilet to use at home for my convenience. There’s actually a lot people defecating in the open. November 19th (which was last week) is World Toilet Day, a day marked to let us know that billions of people in the world do not have access to proper sanitation including toilets or latrines. I had been to rural Vietnam before and seriously the villagers don't have proper toilets and they just pee and poo in the open. Owning a toilet there is consider a luxury. 

So here is a little thought from the poo fairy for mankind, using natural elements she could find in the wilderness and built a toilet bowl in a shed!

 And the fairy left a golden poo!!!

Admit One ONLY! No threesome! No hanky panky!

~Enjoy the little things~

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