Sunday, 4 March 2018

A Little Luxe of Laces, Trims and Blings...

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be working with Lucy from Tresors de Luxe and some wonderful designers within the community to share our creative talents towards laces, trims and other embellishments. I've been following Lucy's products for many years and she actually went into hiatus for quite some time before she came back with a DT call, which I applied and was invited to join as the final addition to the team, making us a perfect 10! 

And here I present all of us in this perfect 10 design team! I see familiar faces as well! Oh well, I've yet to create projects that're lacey-ful so this will be something I'm super excited about 'cos it will be a genre I've yet to explore. Since I'm looking forward to build up my YouTube channel, this will be a good opportunity for me to move beyond my comfort zone and explore another creative aspect of mine. One other good (not so good for me) piece of news is that my channel is now free from advertisements due to the new requirement set in place which I didn't manage to hit in time. Therefore, this won't be much of an eyesore for some of you while watching my videos, at least for this year. 

Moving forward, while I believe some are lamenting over losing some advertising income, I'm actually working hard to build up my channel. I may not be as frequent as some other YouTubers as I'm trying to work out my schedule with a creative plan that I could follow so that I can control my time well. Right now, with a new day job that I'm trying to adapt to, my timings can get really mess up. Therefore, please be patient with me as well while I'm trying to figure things out which is going to take some time. Do remember to subscribe HERE for more updates in the future. 

I shall see you all very soon again for a video tutorial!! Cheers!!!

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