Saturday, 10 March 2018

Dressing Up Tools with Washi Tapes

I've this pair of pink Cutter Bee scissors which I bought as my very first pair of scissors when I was at the U.S. in 2011 (7 years ago! That seems like a long long time ago!). I clearly remembered I bought it at Target in Union City, San Francisco. It was on discount and I bought it at quite a good deal. Before I bought the other precision scissors, this pair is the only pair I own for fussy cutting and it has cut tons of designs that assisted me in many projects. 

Though I used other precision scissors interchangeably, this pair however was hardly used ever since the rubber from the handles kinda came off, making the grip uneasy to feel on hand. I was pulling out my drawer of washi tapes yesterday morning and instantly I thought this would probably a good idea to put these washi tapes into good use. Without hesitating, I went ahead and started to "dress up" my Cutter Bee. And this is how it ended up. Nicely dressed up and it seems I've a new pair of scissors!!! Yeah!!!

I was really enjoying dressing up my Cutter Bee that I felt like dressing up my other tools as well. Looking at my other Graphic 45 and Tim Holtz washi tapes in my drawer, I knew it wasn't the end of this fun session. I ended up dressing up my other precision scissors and Sharpie pen. They look so cool and I'm loving it!!!

Well, sometimes we just have tools on hand that we bought initially that we just simply can't bear to throw them away especially they're still functional. I still have my very first paper trimmer with me when I first started crafting which is more than a decade old and I'm still very much prefer to use that old trimmer of mine despite I've a better and newer trimmer which I bought as a backup. Though it doesn't seems feasible to dress up my trimmer like what I did for my Cutter Bee, I still find a great sense of satisfaction that I manage to revive a pair of scissors that I might consider throwing 'cos of the worn handles. 

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