Thursday, 8 March 2018

Beautiful Magic Wishes Treat Bags

 "Wishes are the magic in your heart that cause beautiful things to happen..."

What a sweet sentiment that will make your heart flutter! Everyone loves to make wishes and wish for some beautiful magic to happen. It's a natural kind of hope humans have instinctively which make us wanting to wish for beautiful things to happen; somehow or rather.

Wishes do come true when you really hope for it and wanted it so much to happen. Things do happen and sometimes way beyond you could ever imagine. For the past year or so, some amazing things did happened in my life! One important event was the day I found myself added into the LORD's Church which led me to discover a lot of wonderful people around the world; a universal church that's so true and pure that transcends all humans' doctrines and creeds. It was also through a wish I had since young that I had finally found reconciliation with the ONE & ONLY true God that creates this universe, after decades of searching.

Beautiful sunset at one of the villages in Bacolod I visited. 

I was trying to "pinch" the sun away! 😄

In last September, I was on this unique privilege to be on a mission trip with some of brethren within my congregation to the Philippines. It was through this trip I got to see the beauty behind the LORD's Church and why we are so spiritually bonded via Christ regardless of our social status, background, culture, ethnicity and language. The young and old, men and women all gather together because of one unifying reason. It was because of this reason, we encourage and edify one another to grow. 

I personally had a wonderful experience via this mission trip which I learn so much about the LORD's Church and got to appreciate even more the beauty behind this Truth that binds us together no matter where we are. Prior in coming back to Singapore, I decided to buy some goodies from the Philippines and gifted them to some of the brethren within my local congregation. I packed them inside these brown paper bags where I stamped this sentiment from Tim Holtz Good Thoughts onto the front, and secured the bags with some jute twine.

Disclaimer: No nicotine was packed within.
It's actually a combination of the names of a lovely couple Nicodemus and Christine.

To ended off the packaging interestingly, I punched some small little round tags to get them to untie the magic here! Pretty much sums up on the message that's printed in the front.

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