Monday, 7 March 2016

A Fairy Nimble - The Poo Fairy

As such is life, besides quoting myself being so freaking busy that I do not have enough time, my life has indeed been quite shitty especially for the past 2 years; mainly dealing with people around me. It's always the people who often make the situation(s) worse and difficult to handle, hardly the other way round. The occasionally negative side of me certainly brought me into various moments of debaucheries. While I don't deny the shitty life I had been leading was really bad, it had somehow made a rather nice bitch out of me though I didn't really talk about it most of the time.

Sometimes you wish you can simply let the steam off freely but when comes to facing people, often in a lot of situations you'll need to keep your cool and be clear-minded on the kind of people you are dealing with. Yes I've been facing a lot of nasty and unreasonable people and some can seriously send series of triggers just to turn on my anger button. Yet I'd have to stay in composure on the outside while my blood is boiling within. I believe we all have such moments, cursing and swearing at them and wish they never exist. Talking about being real here, we are mere humans and we are all emotional beings. While we wish we have the true freedom to let our steam off as and when we like, by doing this once is still ok but doing this twice and thrice will immediately warrant us a ticket to the DerangedLand.

In view of my past 2 years of shitty life, I decided to create series of Fairy Nimble showcasing various fairies voicing out any sorts of unhappiness, quirkiness and curiosities; speaking of things humans would love to do and talk about yet it's somehow against the norm. We are always told to control our anger no matter how pissed we are but we are never taught how to release them effectively. 

The Poo Fairy is available for sale here.

Life is way too short to get angry, agitated, frustrated and unhappy over people even they might be of a concern. Sounds like a cliché... We probably hear it a lot yet the most irony part is we still want to vent our anger and/or frustrations out through some sort of ranting channel. 

When life gets shitty, fart it off. Staying constipated for too long is unhealthy. Oh well, The Poo Fairy doesn't literally means you can just fart your anger anyway you like, however do it subtly with class. A nimble food for thought.

Fairies are seriously honest creatures, aren't they? They probably speak the truth most of the time. 

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