Saturday, 24 October 2015

Eastern Estate Fairy Tea Booth No.5

For those who are fans of The Archies Show, you probably have heard this song Sugar, Sugar. Even I wasn't born in the 50s/60s, I knew about The Archies and had own a couple of Archies comics when young. Err... Is this a boy thing? Well, I stopped playing with dolls after watching Child's Play.

Ever thought how a fairy version of The Archies would look like? I took this inspiration boldly and brought my creative brain cells to another level. It was a seriously random, chaos and out of the space kind of process before I could piece things up together. Instead of a kissing booth, I did this little fairy tea booth for something you could relate to The Archies' Riverdale Carnival. The difference between them is just a few era away, happening in Eastern Estate not Riverdale High School. Just imagine them jamming in with wings and having tea.

Here I present the Eastern State Fairy Tea Booth No. 5!!! A very warm Welcome to this season's Tea Carnival!!!

This piece is available for sale HERE...

This tea booth is one of a kind, being No. 5 for what you could imagine; the Archies band has 5 members. A floral arch over the teapot with wings certainly tells you something ethereal is going on with this booth. And yes, this booth is nothing but only minute of everything...

Hmm... Someone has left a teacup here, within the roses below the floral arch...

Tea Booth No. 5 will only stop by here for this Carnival season as you could see there's wheels beneath, i.e. this booth moves like a cart! I hope it could fly, unfortunately due to the natural nature construction of this booth, it has to be down to earth. Staying grounded is always good. 

Well well well, all tea glitters, sugar, honey, teaware and dolly mat are sold at teaspoonful each - no more no less. A wide variety of tea glitters are available in this little red catalog. For the rich pollen bed is overly tempting, before you could browse through the catalog you would need to wear the pair of red gloves. Should any steals happen, any spots of pollen would be easily spotted.

Free tea session happens at 5 and 2/3 in the evening. Several range of sizzling glittering teas would be served on these shimmering teacups mats. Be sure to drop by before the booth is gone for good. Sugar, Honey, Tea or Me?

Here is a link that contains most of the items used for this project, whereas below is a breakdown list on what I used.

Supplies List:

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