Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Rare Oddity Whimsical Night Owl Candle Cover

Here is the most exciting thing that's happening this weekend! Presenting here my little creation for this Spellbinders Whimsical Woodland Blog Fest - A Night Owl Candle Cover. When I first received this dude (OMG!), he's seriously small!!! I could barely paint his beaks and feet well. Does this reminds you of burning some sort of midnight oil?

Talking about burning midnight oil, staying up late to study is something (I believe) every student has gone through. It's also a very common notion for people who don't believe in studying consistently. Haha! I'm actually one of them simply because I'm a very forgetful person! What I study for today I can simply forget the following day! I've very forgetful brainy cells; they just love registering images more than words. I'm a visual learner and I prefer much in messing things up in the Lab to aid my understanding rather than reading strings of words (which I seriously hate).

Gone were the days where I had to burn tons of midnight oil. I wish I could just burn all my notes, digest them and throw them out on my exam papers and get distinctions! Wow! If someone had invented something like that, I'm 101% sure I'll BUY it at all cost! Alright, another digress rant of mine! Pardon me...

Here is the Snapguide tutorial, sit back and enjoy! There's a giveaway during these 3 days, do hop by each participating blogs to enter. Details can be found here... Happy crafting and Good Luck!!!



  1. I love the tea light holder so fast and easy looking .Thanks nice tutorial

  2. I live in South Carolina. Love the candle holders. So pretty. Tfs♡

  3. Thanks Katie for a great way to showcase that cute little owl. I have most of the needed supplies will enjoy making one.


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