Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Bizarre Two Days

Yes I know I've not been updating due to some curses I was having for the past months. I was literally artistically incapacitated, creatively constipated. I wished for a potion that I could just flush all my creative juices out and be able to function well like a human. Seriously, I guess it has got to do with my ultra long working hours, late sleeping and waking up late that's causing all these curses. 

Well, in order to get rid of those evil curses, I've been trying very hard to sleep early and wake up early. Sooo, I bought myself a physical alarm clock from Ikea and started to train myself. Because of this physical clock in place, I can't snooze the alarm. I always do that on my iPhone! Good initiative. The earlier I wake up, the better I could get my day started correctly. While I'm struggling to get this new routine in place, I'd like to share what had happened during the past 2 days of my life...

ErmM... (*pinch, shake and clear throat*)...

I was trying to off my alarm clock this morning but to no avail. I called in my assistant to help me turn off the alarm but no matter what we did, we just couldn't off it... And the alarm went louder and louder!!! 

Suddenly, I jumped off the bed and got to realize I was actually dreaming and the sound of the alarm was actually coming from my real life Ikea alarm clock which I placed it on my desk. No wonder my assistant and I couldn't shut the bloody alarm up 'cos we are just a dimension away!

... ...

I was at my friend's place watching TV and fell asleep. Then my iPhone alarm went on. My friend's wife tried to off it for me but to no avail. She called her husband (my friend) for help and couldn't off it. And he tried to pry open my iPhone to off it. Still, the alarm went on and on till I got up and wonder why is he doing that to my phone! The alarm just couldn't get turn off!!!! 

Suddenly, I jumped off from my bed and got to realize it was my real life iPhone alarm and I was dreaming. We are a dimension away! 

Yesterday my assistant and I couldn't off my Ikea alarm clock and today my friend had to pry open my iPhone! 

Lesson learnt - Get the butt off the bed immediately once your alarm clock starts ringing!!!

Indeed, the past 2 days have been bizarre to me - traveling between dimensions of reality and dreams. And this reminds me of sharing another altered mobile case project for both ScrapFX and Shimmerz Paints. Just couldn't get enough of phone covers I guess...

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