Thursday, 30 April 2015

Making it to the Graphic 45 Design Team for the 2nd Year

Oh Yes!!! I'm on the Graphic 45 DT for the second year!!! Yeah!!! I'm still absorbing the news though... Last night I struggled to sleep as I'm thinking how to complete one of my May assignments which I intend to make a tutorial out of it... Partly is also 'cos of the excitement for this DT announcement... 

Well, I guess it's due to the lack of sleep or my brain is still in Scatterland, I forgot about this completely till the various FB notifications from my fellow g45 DT members... Given the fact I placed my milk in the freezer this morning, indeed I was reacting a little slow today... Holly Heck!!! It seriously caught me by surprise and shocked me till my heart skipped a beat the moment I saw my name on the list... Goodness!!! I'm still in frozen moment... Join me in this excitement and welcome this year DT...

Belly Lau - China
Brit Sviggum - Norway
Donna Espiritu - Saudi Arabia
Joanne Bain - Australia
Katie Zoey Ho - Singapore (That's ME!! Holly Heck!!!)
Solange Marques - Brazil
Tanya Dudkina - Russia
Tati Scrap - Spain

Graphic 45 Ambassadors

(This is an invitation-only program for educators. What amazing artists and teachers on this list!)

Jane Tregenza - Australia

Pardon me, I seriously feel like a slow poke today...

Getting excited is one thing, the next most exciting thing is I can boggle my creative brain cells for another good year with Graphic 45... As pervertic as I could be, I pinkies and thumbies swear that I'll be bringing more interesting projects that will blow you away... This week new paperlines preview is just insane!!! Look at this year Halloween collection - Rare Oddities!!! How crazy can this be?!? I wanted to build a curio shop diorama since beginning of last year using the Olde Curiosity Shoppe collection but for whatever hell reasons I didn't attempt, and now being part of the DT again for the 2nd year, there's absolutely no reasons for not doing one up... Wow!! I'm all maxed out but I love it... Hope over to their blog here and here for the preview... You will not regret it...

I shall see you guys very soon again... 

Smooches... XOXO

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Roxanne Pafundi said...

WoooHOOO! Congrats! Looking forward to your projects! :)