Sunday, 29 July 2018

Floral Shoppe Ephemera Cards

We all have some sort of papercrafting dilemma. And I tend to get that a lot especially I want the best of both worlds with minimal damage, as much as possible. This probably speaks a lot about my way of crafting.

Oh well, long time no see everyone! I'm glad that I'm able to find time to blog this entry - a post that's perhaps way behind my post with Graphic 45 last week. That's one thing I love being in Graphic 45, a lot of work was pre-planned in advance in a way that I don't have to rush in and try to get things done at the nick of time. However, do pardon and be patient with me for the next few weeks while I'm trying to get my timing right. I've been really bad in handling my time for the past weeks due to sudden hiccups in life which I'm still struggling at.

So moving on, making use of the time I have without sharing much about my hiccuping life, I shall go straight to the point on what I've done for Graphic 45 for this July. I'm re-sharing one of my old videos which I've done in 2016 - fussy cutting. It's a cutting technique that I've acquired while I was doing my footwear design course where we were taught to cut footwear patterns out from cardboard using utility/craft knife. I find this method rather ergonomically friendly and easier to control, hence decided to attempt this on designed papers where the intricacies are way complex compared to footwear patterns in general. And it kinda works, giving me more defined cuts than scissors can ever provide. In my video above, I explain very briefly how to hold and use the utility/craft knife to fussy cut as well as some useful tips in getting the right blades. More papercrafting tips over at Graphic 45 blog which you can hop over to read further.

To show how this technique can come into good use, I created two very simple ephemera cards using Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe collection. Such a beauty of this collection! And who doesn't loves flowers? I do of course! Sometimes you just need to break the various design elements and reassemble them to create your very own design. And that's what I did!

Summing all up that's what I got to share today (though it's a week late), and I do hope the video would be able to address some of the questions you probably have in mind. If you've any questions, do always feel free to drop a comment or even send me a message. I'll gladly respond and assist whenever I can. So, below here is a list of supplies in where to get these lovely collection and I shall see you guys very soon again! Happy papercrafting!!!

List of Supplies:

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