Monday, 2 January 2017

I Won Something from Tim Holtz!!

Happy 2017 Everyone!!!

I wish I had some artwork to share for today but I think it'd be great to announce some good news!! Something good as a start for 2017!!!

👆 Can't help to conceal my happiness but I need to shout this out LOUD!!! 👆

I heard about Tim's 12 tags of the year about a year ago and I took upon as a new form of challenge by participating only last year for 2 months (January and February) and I stopped in between before I came back last December. Alright it's my 3rd try and I won! I wanna feel proud and braggy about this for the beginning of this new year!!! OMG! Can't believe my tag was chosen by Tim's team!!! Can you see myself floating on cloud nine now?!? 

Though it's something worth rejoicing, it also saddens me that Tim is ending his 12 tags of the year challenge for good. Awww!!!! However, I'm very much looking forward for more creative techniques from him for 2017 and can't wait to participate!!!

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To end this post, and before I'm off to email Mario on my prize pack, I wish everyone the merriest 2017 ahead and may everyday be a cute day for you! Of course for me, I'm ready in the mode to create more creative and cute projects for 2017! It would be a cute year ahead!!

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