Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dr. Drake's Lab Oratory

During my entire collage years, while struggling hard to complete my Bachelor of Science, I was once very fascinated on the various colourful chemical reactions in the Chemistry Lab. One ultra boring subject - Inorganic Chemistry was one of my most hated modules. Yet making crystals and forming beautiful chemical reactions were one of my most look-forward Lab sessions. That was the only "colourful" hands-ons I could ever get throughout my entire Biomedical course. Haha! I just couldn't get enough of such hands-ons, just for the sake of viewing colourful chemical reactions. I think I can literally burn the whole Lab down if I wanna go crazy. My Prof would probably bar me from the Lab and fail me!

After I graduated and started to work in R&D, I never became a Chemist and was working on boring colourless, tasteless biological stuffs. Proteins, Bacteria and Viruses became my most best friends and they stinks! You bet on the kind of food e.coli eat, they smell and vomit proteins. Mind you, some of the drugs you are probably taking are spilled by these creatures. Oops! Not meant to freak you out, but some of them are just too good in making such stuffs and Scientists love them deeply. And could you imagine, I was making them vomiting proteins almost every week! 

This piece is available for sale HERE...

Alright I digress... So out of inspiration with my little Chemistry knowledge, I decided to build an interesting Lab Oratory owned by this freakish Professor, Dr. Drake for Graphic 45, Alpha Stamps and ScrapFX. It's a little Lab Chapel where he concocted all of his finest herbal and insects poisons. Beware as you enter his Lab and don’t get too freaked out by the huge Exhibit A entrance! He has most of the deadliest delights, charms, potions, herbs and notions you could ever think of. 

As you tour around his Lab, you will be amazed by this gigantic Sands of Time in his movable herb garden. Flip to see how those minute orange sand falls to time; a therapeutic way to keep your mind off. Beware! Evil hypnosis will take place when you stare of it too much. Before you could realize it, your brain will be hijacked!

Indeed a little freakish Lab Chapel! The Exhibit A speaks it all! Who would place such a display to freak people out? You bet, that's Dr. Drake...

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Sandy said...

I'm in love - this is fantastic -- I loved reading your post and your creation is most inspiring!! Oh how I love Halloween!!
Sandy xx

Laura said...

I am a chemistry and I love this project