Monday, 15 January 2018

#Throwback Monday - My Life with Graphic 45

On this evening, it's perhaps one of the unusual environmental history of all times in Singapore, under this really cool weather that made me feel like I was in San Francisco, I was "tidying up" my YouTube channel a moment ago.

Kinda random... I saw a couple of YouTubers having those little "pop-ups" on their videos and I wonder what are those. It was only quite recently I took notice that these are called "cards" as defined by YouTube and they are consider interactivity tools. OK, kinda not really use to know them as such so I think I should give it a try by adding some interactivity video links within some of my videos to suggest videos of similar context within my channel. Perhaps it may be helpful to my viewers.

As I scrolled through the 15 videos I've produced till date, it caught onto me that maybe I should watch my very first video. And... I did! My very first video was my final submission into Graphic 45 DT back in 2014. That was 4 years ago! Oh geez! Suddenly I felt really old, in comparison to my latest video I was so new in making video back then!!! My editing skills was really down to the most basic. I recalled I even got one of my friends to teach me how to use Window's movie maker to get me started. Those were the exciting days just 'cos I really want to make it into this dream team. Nonetheless, if it wasn't of such requirement for the final submission to gain entry into Graphic 45 Design Team, I wouldn't have done it and made it into the team. Neither will I establish my channel after that and started to make videos. For today's throwback, here is my final submission video aka my pilot video which I was talking about:

All thanks to Graphic 45, I should say if it wasn't an opportunity given at that point of time, whatever accomplishment(s) I've throughout these years will never happen, though it's not some sort of major ones. To me it's a great establishment for my creativity and perhaps a start of a possible crafting career in future (which I do not know where it'll bring me to). I'm so blessed to be in this journey and able to see how I much I've progressed despite of all difficulties I faced. Surely, being part of Graphic 45 DT was one of the most memorable chapter of my life. It was also a period of time that being part this team I won't feel so devastated and lonely in midst of all my trials and tribulations during those difficult days. Neither will I forget all of you, ladies and gentlemen who have been following my works till date despite my 2 years hiatus. Those kind encouragements and comments given to me means a lot to me and your words had made my day shine despite facing series of gloominess and darkness in my life. Though those days are over and I'm done with them, I'm glad I've managed to pull through it even I'm still facing some remnants of it. 

The very first g45 DT badge that I could finally proudly display in my blog.

It seems it has been all well planned and divinely provided for, I'm able to make a come back due to an unexpected request. And it was on this very special invite to do up a memorabilia for one of the oldest member (sister Baby Tan) in my congregation for her 90th birthday last year that kick start everything. Needlessness to say, Graphic 45 came to my mind, without a doubt for I've so much of their products with me during my 2 years term with them! Their generosity and dedication towards their DT was simply amazing. They're perhaps one of the most encouraging and generous companies I've ever worked with. Every member is abundantly showered with tons of their products and despite I've used up quite a lot for the memorabilia project, I still have most of them with me, all kept in huge boxes. 

Without much saying, I can only be deeply thankful to God and His providential care that allows me to develop this creative aspect of mine and able to do this for His Glory.


Jeanne Kelly said...

I’ve always loved your projects. Your work has great detail and design - I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!

Katie Z. Ho said...

Thank you so much! Your comment does makes my day! Cheers!!!