Sunday, 14 January 2018

An Encouragement Card

As the title of this entry suggests; it's a card that encourages. And this card was specifically made for one of the sisters within my congregation, in hope the verses I quoted from the Bible can serve as a source of encouragement for her. Last Sunday morning, she lost her husband to cancer who was also one of our brothers. 

Though I didn't get to meet them in person (until the day of the wake last Tuesday), I had heard about this brother's illness since the very first day I entered into the LORD's church since last June and have been following through his progress via our Sundays' and mid-week services and prayer requests. The whole congregation was praying for them during those period of times and when the news broke to us that he has finally passed on, we were all deeply saddened. We weep, mourn and grief together as a family (Galatians 6:2).

Because she's an orphan and her husband is her only family, when he passed on I'd think it'll be especially difficult for her. I spent few hours thinking and searching through the Bible and manages to choose 2 verses (Deuteronomy 31:6 and Isaiah 41:10) for her that might be best for her. They were printed out and affixed onto in this 6" x 6" card, in hope God's Word can be a true source of strength and encouragement for her to cope with her lost. Together with this card, I also gifted her a book - Songs of Deliverance - hoping via reading and studying of this book is able to deliver her out from trials and tribulations. It might not be enough at this point of time, for I may not be able to fully comprehend the level of grief and pain she's facing. However, I do hope and continue to pray for her that she can pull herself up, altogether again and bravely face her life ahead.

I deliberately opt for warm pastel pink and beige floral and rose papers from Graphic 45 Portrait of a Lady paper collection as the main colours and theme for comfort. Roses are beautiful but they've thorns. Life is often not always rosy but it's definitely beautiful the way it is. Not overly exaggerating, I kept the card as simple as possible to bring the message across directly emphasizing on strength and courage. These are the 2 major intangible elements in life that we always yearn for in very challenging times. Though we can garner physical strength via food, courage is something that requires much more than the food we eat that gives us the strength. Bravery is not often manifested in times of fear, pain and grief. In order to get out of such pits of sorrows, one do need to pluck up the courage and be braved enough to move on. To do that, you just need the strength to do that. 

Perhaps it's one peculiar behaviour of mine, at times of such I'll eat to fill my stomach first so that I can get enough ATP (Adenosine triphosphate - our biology energy currency) to fuel my heart and brain so that I can have the energy to charge forward. This applies to all my creative ventures as well. Whenever I'm stuck, even I may face stress and run out of time I'll just snack a bit (not binge!) in between before moving on. Because I was previously trained in the area of biochemistry, I clearly understand how deprivation of food under such circumstances will do to your body. Sometimes by topping up your ATP bank at times of such might help you to make more sound and logical decisions towards your life. Perhaps not entirely, however in some ways; one way or another.   

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