Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mother's Day Inspire Tag

Mother's Day is just round the corner and it's happening this Sunday 8th May which is tomorrow! As I was thinking about it... OMG! We've reached May! That's seriously fast!!! I can't believe that we are almost reaching the mid of 2016!! Can't help it but time really flies too fast especially the older I get, I can feel my time is reaching the end pretty soon.

Oh well, in order to honour this Mother's Day, I made this simple tag using Graphic 45's Children Hour and Mon Amour paper collection on their latest Inspire ivory tag staple. Mothers are source of inspirations, somehow or rather regardless how good or bad they are. At some point of our lives, I believe they do inspire us.

While my mum is not a perfect mother, she does inspire me somehow especially during some bad times we had together. Those are the times I resent, I hate, and even wish she's not my mother. As I grew up from a child to a teenager and gradually as a adult, things have changed drastically so as the era we are living in as well; time has indeed made the most changes. Between us, we do have very different views, values and opinions which made us highly incompatible most of the times. Yet the most irony part is we are mother and daughter biologically. There's hardly any character traits I take after my mum. Surprisingly, we managed to co-exist with one another for the past 30 over years. Amazing! Perhaps that's the unique bond between mothers and children.  

Here is one of my childhood pic with my mum, I was only 2 at that point of time. Well, we did hang out together and it was during the Christmas season when we took this picture. So we did celebrate Christmas at one point of time during our lives together!

I hereby wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Pam said...

Gorgeous tag! Love your work.