Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Victorian Valentine Puzzle Purses

Oh yes!!! Valentine is just round the corner and it's happening this Saturday... For this loving season, I'm reviving this almost-forgotten Victorian Valentine tradition - the puzzle purses... Nothing new in fact, and this historical information can be easily found over the internet... 

These puzzle purses are folded origami-style envelope-like box packet, which unfolds into a pinwheel or 4-arm star, revealing either a romantic poem, love messages or even trinkets to a lock of a sweetheart’s hair.... They were once popular from 1720 to 1840 during the 19th century and on those days, lovers sent these purses as love messages to their sweethearts... They are traditional handwriten with ink and decorated with motifs such as cupids, birds, flowers, hearts, and darts, usually painted with watercolours on parchment papers...Very often the handwriting itself was considered as one form of fine penmanship that was part of the artwork... Indeed it was one kind of a beauty... Sounds too romantic to be true?? But people of that era were seriously that romantic!!!

To let you guys have an idea how these vintage puzzle purses look like, click the link below to view the various purses from different times:
Alright, moving back to 21st century, I'm re-introducing this old artform in a friendly and more straight-forward way as shown in Graphic 45 blogpost yesterday... Below are the various purses I've made in various sizes, giving you an idea what you can do for this coming Valentine... A Snapguide tutorial and video tour follow by...

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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