Saturday, 30 April 2016

Coffee Express at Platform No. 9

At certain point of my life, I can be a fanatic freak of something something; something that caught my eyes that I feel like owning everything of something I fancy. Oh well, I can never have enough of suitcase frenzies and I'm certainly obsess over them especially old suitcases. It's definitely undoubtedly I'll have some sort of old suitcases in my very own home in the future.

Last year I was really obsessed with stacked suitcases, and for this year to bring my obsession to another fantasized level, I'm doing up a cafe based suitcase fusing with a fan-fiction derived inspiration from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express at Platform 9¾. With my love for coffee and a fan of Harry Potter, I fused these two together and created this Coffee Express at Platform 9. While it looks rather magical on the outside, as you enter you’ll be welcome into a suite of modernized coffee cafe where mugglers hang out for a cup of nice coffee. It’s practically the reverse scene setting where witches and wizards travel to have mugglers’ coffee. They still have to board the train at Platform 9¾ to head back to Hogwarts, but it’s just ¾ platform away from Platform 9.

I built this medium size suitcase based on my stacked suitcases PDF tutorial and transformed it into runaway suitcase by adding some wheels. I've a separate mini magician matchbox suitcase tutorial, as well as a miniature magician wands Snapguide tutorial if you'd like to explore. To add some fun, most of the miniatures within are not fixed and free to move around. I've done up a video orientation to show how to "play around" with this suitcase. Something really fun to play with! Sit back and enjoy the journey!

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