Friday, 29 January 2016

Some Updates and Some Stuffs in my Store

I think it has been "x" number of times I've been "MIA-ing" for a while then came back with new projects and maybe some updates. Yes I'm pretty inactive since last July as I was constantly caught up with loads of life issues; mainly on the various major changes in both my life and family. 

Little do you know, I was actually going through a tough marriage and was (and still) in midst of separation and divorce since end of 2014. Plus my parents' health are not doing well in particularly for my dad who is at very high risk of getting a stroke. Over the last weekend, my dad was admitted to the hospital as he suddenly couldn't control his movement, collapsed and fell twice - on streets and at home. He was so distraught that he suddenly became a baby, cried in despair as he lost control of his bowel and wet his pants. After a series of MRI scan and labs tests, we got to know he was actually infected with Influenza A virus and the neurologist managed to discover a teeny weeny blood clot in one of his brain vessels. Though the clot is not life threatening enough to cause any physical stroke symptoms, his doctor got him started on aspirin. He was infected with the flu bug and why was he so weak that led him to lost control of himself is something doctors unable to explain to us.

Well, my dad is on cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar control medication. This really speaks how unhealthy my dad is. He is on so many medications that I think it's a little overkill. As I look into the various medications he's taking (very seriously for the very first time), I got to realize the various side effects of these drugs he is taking. One of them in particular (though rarely reported) has an effect on skeletal muscle tissues which the drug will break down the muscles tissues. Perhaps it's the constellation of various medications he has been taking plus the attack of flu bug made him so vulnerable. Though I'm not a trained doctor, I feel strongly that such drugs should be prescribed with care. There has been a huge misconception that patients can totally rely on medications without realizing that these are drugs, and drugs have side effects. They are not elixir or some sort of wonder drugs that can prolong a person's lifespan, unless you are in a condition that you need to be then that's a total different story. A lot of effort has to be made on the patients' side (often on diet and regular exercising) to ensure they are not fully dependent on drugs but using them to assist their current health condition. This is something a lot of us have been taking for granted, unfortunately.

Life wasn't that fantastic for me for year 2015 and the beginning of this year but despite all hurdles I managed to overcome them, one by one. Though it seems that the path ahead is tough, there's always a bright side that I can always look forward to such as creating more exciting projects and be able to share with all of you. 

Oh well, I know this has been a long wait and finally I manage to get it done and make it available. I know some of you are really looking forward for this and I hope this don't come in too late. My STACK SUITCASES tutorial is FINALLY available at my Etsy store! Phew! After a year plus?!?Alright I know it has been quite a long wait. But trust me, I'm probably someone who is able to provide  tutorials with such clarity together with loads of illustrations and photos. 

Tutorial Sample Pages

I don't take short cuts and will make an effort, put my very best to illiterate every step as clear as possible.  For those who had purchased my Suitcase Treasures PDF tutorial, you get to notice a lot of illustrations are digitally drawn by me so that you know exactly what to measure, which paper to use and what to cut. A lot of effort put in and this explains why I charge my tutorials a little more expensive than most others. 

If you love building things, my tutorials are for you. Head over to my store HERE to get a copy or alternatively you can purchase it directly here in my blog under the STORE section above. I shall talk to you soon. Have a great day ahead and happy crafting! Cheers!!!

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I just came over from the Graphic 45 blog because of your watering can project. I agree with you said about the drugs your Dad was on. I am trying to eat better and stay off drugs my Dr. has wanted me to be on. So far so good. Keeping you in my prayers and thank you for sharing.